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By: sonofabeach96

Feb 09 2018

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I was honored to be mentioned by a new friend, MyDaisyDaze, in a recent post of hers.  I know, I’ve said I’m “award free” and all, but I’m starting to feel kinda bad if I don’t respond.  They were nice enough to think of me when nominating people, and I  feel as though the least I can do is introduce them to any of you not familiar with them.   If you aren’t, go give her a visit.  You won’t regret it.

So, here are MyDaisyDaze’s questions:

If you could only listen to three pieces of music for the rest of your life, what would they be?

This is so hard.  How does one pick only three songs from a vast catalog?  Is that even possible?  I have multiple songs for multiple occasions and multiple moods and multiple everythings.  That said, in order to narrow this down, I limited it to sentimental songs, significant to me.  They may not be the best or most moving or most popular songs, but they mean the world to me, and instantly remind me of someone or some memory of my favorite people.

“Come Monday” by Jimmy Buffett

“Perfect Fit” by Van Morrison

“Could You Be Loved” by Bob Marley

What is your favourite ‘chillin’ vacation destination?

Ocracoke Island, NC.  It’s perfect.

Who is your favourite traveling companion?

I have 3 really good friends, and we’ve travelled and had cross-country adventures with each other for 30 years now.  I love them like brothers, and we travel well as a group.  Much fun has been had.

But, my absolute favorite travel buddy?  My wife.  And I love traveling with our boys too.  But, she and I were running mates and accomplices long before kids, and will be long after these guys are grown.  We fit each other to a tee in many ways, and travel and a lust for adventure is certainly one of them.  She’s who I’d go anywhere with.

Did you want to be an animal when you were young and if so, which one?

Not that I recall, no.  But, since you brought it up, I’d pick something seafaring.  Like an octopus.  They’re awesome!

When you are blogging, is there something close to your computer that makes you smile while you work? Will you tell us what it is?

Well, I don’t generally use a computer to post, or peruse others’ posts.  I generally use my phone or an iPad.  I’m not the kind to be sitting still, so what’s next to me at any given time varies, from a hay bale to my wife to a donkey to a son, etc.  All of those things make me smile though.


There ya’ have it.  Thanks again, DaisyDaze.  I appreciate it very much, and I enjoyed your questions.  That first one was hard!  And if y’all, haven’t met her, please pay her a visit.  Now is the time I’m supposed to nominate others, but in lieu of that, I’m just gonna acknowledge a few other great blogs.  If ya’ get a chance, pay them a visit too:



38 comments on “Thanks A Bunch”

  1. Thank YOU for sharing Daisy … you have good taste in blogites – 🥂

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  2. Your answers were lovely to read, the travelling companion especially 😊

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  3. Right on! Enjoyed the other blogs- yours too, makes me wonder if I should go dust off the old awards shelf and get them recirculating again.. hmmmmmm..

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  4. OMG you have a donkey? How fabulous is that! LOL Nice answers.

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  5. Lovely questions, lovely answers. Made me happy reading them. 😊

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  6. I love what you said about your travel companion! So blessed

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  7. Thanks for answering. And I like your idea of sharing blogs instead. Your response for favourite person to travel with was lovely. Have a great weekend.

    Liked by 2 people

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