Weekly Weather: Fog

By: sonofabeach96

Feb 15 2018

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Focal Length:4.28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4S

This week’s Weekly Weather Photo Challenge from Tourmalinenow is for the topic:



Here’s my take on it:


My songs of the day are:

“Sea Fog” by Keane

“Confusion Fog” by Meat Puppets

“Bad Fog Of Lonliness” by Neil Young

“Lost In A Fog” by Ella Fitzgerald

“Fog Of Writing” by Barenaked Ladies

“The Morning Fog” by Kate Bush

“Fog” by Radiohead

“Fog (Black Windows)” by The Joy Formidable

65 comments on “Weekly Weather: Fog”

  1. I love pictures of fog! Especially the ones that don’t turn out creepy, but fog is a great way to make a regular picture seem really eery lol

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  2. Nice pics. You already got my Kate Bush and even Ella. The only thing left off the top of my head is the old tune, A Foggy Day In London Town. I’ll go eat some chow and see if that gives me anything good. I’ll spare you the puns about brain fog and all for nwo–

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  3. Okay, an alchemical combo by Foreigner: Cold As Ice plus Hot-Blooded.

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  4. Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple—?

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  5. Fog is an awesome subject for the camera. I think it’s especially moody and atmospheric! Your shots are wonderful! (As always 😃)

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  6. Wow. For moment my vision went blur..nice pics 🙂

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  7. Ahhhh I love cows so stinking much!!! lol

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    • Oh yeah? We have 12 right now. I’m thinking about getting out of it though. Setting hay in total darkness and sub-freezing temps is getting old. 😃

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      • Haha OMG I bet!!! Sounds like a lot of work also. Get them boys out there! Haha . I’m jealous! I wish could see cows everyday! Lol unfortunately I have been through a couple of really, really bad relationships that lead me to being really down at times. Whenever I was sad I would go drive around the back roads and cow pastures and just sit and watch the cows. I know sounds a little lame haha but I really enjoyed it. Since then I have a love for cows!! Haha . There’s this huge pasture by parents house that’s have enormous tree trunks throughout, they usually have at least 100 cows out there . There’s also a little stream that runs thru it with yellow flowers nearby on the spring. Anyways it’s seems like the perfect spot to sit under a tree and read:) although I would probably get eaten alive by all the bugs around here. Anyways, I always say that’s my heaven 🙂

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      • Nah, doesn’t sound lame at all. Out in the fields is a sanctuary for me as well. The cattle is work, and I bitch about it when it’s cold, but I love being out there by myself. The boys help some, just not with the tractor…yet. 😃

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  8. Ever since I saw the movie The Fog, it has creeped me out and made me feel uneasy whenever I see fog.


  9. You chose some really cool fog photos! Also, I love keane.

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  10. I love photos of foggy days. Great captures!

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  11. The one on the road… that’s scary driving. Fog freaks me out if I have to drive in it when it’s thick…

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  12. We have had so much fog lately! That last one is so pretty

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