Black And White Challenge: Chilled

By: sonofabeach96

Feb 20 2018

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Focal Length:4.28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4S

This week’s Black and White Photo Challenge from Cee’s Photography is for the topic:



Here’s my take on it:

Chilled cone:

Chilled air+warm ground=foggy morning:

Chilled mimosas:

Chilled out in Asheville:

Chilled drinks:



My songs of the day are:

“Cold Chill” by Stevie Wonder

“Just Came Here To Chill” by The Isley Brothers

“Turn Up The Heat And Chill The Rose” by Jimmy Buffett

“Working On A Big Chill” by Vince Gill

“Sweetest Chill” by Siouxsie And The Banshees

“Chill Factor” by The Pretenders

“I Felt The Chill” by Elvis Costello

“Chill In The Air” by Amos Lee

20 comments on “Black And White Challenge: Chilled”

  1. Great shouts. There’s no chill in the title but Are You In by Incubus is my ultimate chill song.

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  2. I really like your ice cooler photo (the last one). Excellent chilled photos.

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  3. The one with J could be a cover for a foodie magazine! And I love the fog. So atmospheric!

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  4. I like any post with chilled drinks and mimosas!

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  5. I love the chilled mimosa picture. Must be your wife? She has such a lovely smile!

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  6. A great collection! I love that smile!

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  7. My favorite is chilled mimosa (going back to these when I feel better), your wife is beautiful!

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