Weekly Photo Challenge: Place In The World

By: sonofabeach96

May 15 2018

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This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge From The Daily Post is for the topic:



Here’s what the host has to say about it:

For this week’s photo challenge, explore what it means to find your place in the world. Where’s your safe space? Where do you go when you need to feel inspired or cheered up? Do you prefer to feel cozy and comforted in a smaller town or do you thrive on the buzz of a big city?


Here’s my take on it:


My songs of the day are:

“Still Take You Home” by Arctic Monkeys

“Home” by Marc Broussard

“Mama I’m Coming Home” by Ozzy Osborne

“Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

“Bring It On Home” by Led Zeppelin

“Home” by Foo Fighters

“I’m Your Captain/Closer To Home” by Grand Funk Railroad

“Home” by Jack Johnson


28 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Place In The World”

  1. Excellent musical choices.

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  2. These photos are beautiful! Do you know what editing software was used on the last picture? I love the blue hues coming off of it! Stunning.

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  3. Love the porch. Porches are wonderful things.

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  4. Wow these photos are gorgeous, warm and homey!

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  5. Your place is like a little slice of heaven! Beautiful!

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  6. […] sonofabeach96 Weekly Photo Challenge: Place In The World […]

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  7. I see you have found your heaven on earth. Beautiful place 🙂

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  8. So beautiful. Loved all of them.

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