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By: sonofabeach96

Jul 27 2018

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Hey y’all, especially those of you who follow Cee.  You likely saw Cee’s post yesterday, about her taking a break.  Of course, I understand that need, but, as a photo challenge hound, her taking a break leaves a bit of a void in my posting routine.  So, I found this one today:

Cassia Elisabeth

Check her site out, it’s great.  And this particular challenge, running daily from August 1-August 10, should help fill the void while Cee takes a break, and introduce you to a great blogger.

Cee, I hope your break is refreshing and reinvigorating.  And Cassia, it’s a pleasure to have found your site.  Thanks a bunch for hosting this challenge.  I look forward to participating, and hope y’all will join me.

10 comments on “New Challenge”

  1. 😀😀 what a funny one denieing the challenge. I believe that’s chuck Norris? It looks like an interesting challenge though and I would just sit back and enjoy you posting☺

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  2. Awesome way to go! 😀

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  3. Heya, 😀 I have nominated you for the Friday funday challenge. I did link your blog, but looks like it doesn’t work that way, I didn’t link it to any post as such. The challenge is super fun, similar to this or that tag that you did a couple of weeks ago. 🙂 I absolutely love your photography so yours was the first name that came into my mind during nominations. 🙂

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