Long Live The Queen

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 16 2018

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Just got wind of the passing of Ms. Franklin.  As a music lover, it’s never easy losing one your favorites, and she certainly was one.  But, it’s even worse when it’s an iconic performer.  She’s one of the best ever, and she earned the moniker of The Queen of Soul.


May you rest in peace, Ms. Franklin.  😔


33 comments on “Long Live The Queen”

  1. Just heard too! A queen; she’s in a better place now. She has been so sick!

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  2. Haven’t heard it yet, knew she was very sick. Will miss her unique ralent

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  3. was saddened to hear of her death this morning. I can still hear her sing Respect.

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  4. May her soul rest in peace😥

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  5. WHAT? She’s gone? What a huge loss for music lovers everywhere and for her family and friends, of course. I’m so sorry to hear this news. She was fantastic. I’m sure, that wherever she is now, she’s singing.

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  6. She was a queen, not a diva. I love her music, she will live on.

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  7. Truly a huge loss. She was one of a kind.

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  8. She most certainly earned her Queen of Soul title and the respect that went with it.

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  9. It saddened me too! 😦

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  10. This woman lived through strange times and lived to sing the tale. The Human race does have a truly ugly side to it from Slavery to Jim Crow.

    This legends life will one day be turned into a film and she will one day become a saint of our times for her eyes and voice will help lead human-kind along the right path when we are all dead an gone too.

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