All Is Well

By: sonofabeach96

Oct 11 2018

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Many of the peeps that have followed me for a while know that my in-laws have lived in Apalachicola, FL for many years now.  They decided, against my wife’s and my wishes, to ride out the latest hurricane to threaten them, Micheal.

A lot of folks here have been asking if they were ok, and yes, they made it, mostly unscathed.  No trees lost (which is a minor miracle), and the house is intact.  Of course, they have no power, gas, and a boil water advisory is in effect for the foreseeable future, but it could’ve been much, much worse.  The eye wall passed to west of Apalach, so Port St. Joe, Mexico Beach, and Panama City took the brunt.

Thanks to all who asked about their well being.  I really appreciate it.  Send those good thoughts to the poor people in Mexico Beach now.  They were devastated.

Here’s a short video I found showing what the aftermath looked like in Apalach, if anyone is interested:


51 comments on “All Is Well”

  1. Glad to hear they made it through. Having survived Andrew I know how much devastation of this magnitude can do.

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  2. Oh thank goodness they’re ok. I hope that’s the last of the hurricanes for the season… fingers crossed.

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  3. There was a lot of damage. The recovery begins. I am glad they are OK.

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    • Yeah, it’s quite a mess, but they’ll get to work. Devastating in the areas where the eye wall passed. That’s not gonna be cleanup. That’s total re-build. I learned after Katrina that this is a painfully slow process. 😕


  4. So glad that they are ok.

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  5. So happy everyone is ok.

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  6. Glad to hear they are OK. That’s good news.

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  7. Glad to hear they made it through.! Thank God!🙏

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  8. Happy to hear a good story from that area, so much devastation,

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  9. Great to hear! Very relieved they are ok!! Following the storm all day the last two days, mainly because my boy thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to drive through it. The were a ton of tv weather reporters assigned in that city, made it sound that the city was going to get it, so I am happy that it slid a little more east for your parents sake. You do have to feel for those folks in Mexico City and Tyndall AFB, where I do have friends (who are ok, but no longer have a house, nee, neighborhood, but have plenty is spirit and feel blessed to have made it through alive) just incomprehensible.

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    • Unbelievable. Not sure why people don’t heed the warnings to leave. Now the search and rescue begins. I sure hope they don’t find much. Actually, if it had moved 20 miles east, Apalachicola would look like Mexico Beach. Just so sad to see. It won’t look the same for years and years. And Tallahassee losing all those old growth preservation oaks. Awful. 😕

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  10. I didn’t know but I’m very glad they are safe and even though rough around the edges, they are basically fine. Mother Nature takes no prisoners.

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  11. I’m glad they made it unscathed!

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  12. Gosh! I’m glad they’re safe.

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  13. I was thinking about your family in Florida, really glad they made it though, so much damage….Did you guys have any of the aftermath from it??? My sister up in Raleigh had 60 mph winds and 2 big trees fell on the property but no damage to any of the houses…xx Thank for the video…xx

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  14. I’m so glad they’re ok! Praise the lord!

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