Share Your World: October 22, 2018

By: sonofabeach96

Oct 28 2018

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Time for this week’s Share Your World from Sparks From A Combustible Mind.


Here are her questions for the week:

Name two books that have influenced you and share how.  (Credit for this question goes to Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith.   She asked for TEN books, in her challenge, so the SYW folks got off a bit easy..) 

He’s an amazing writer, a native son, and I feel a kinship in his theories on and practices of sustainability and conservation, with responsible use and regeneration of earths resources.

In your opinion, where is the line between art and not art? 

Art is very subjective, individual in its appreciation, and “in the eye of the beholder”.  I’m not certain there is a line.

Trivia for Halloween:   What item is banned only during Halloween from 12am October 31st to 12pm November 1st in Hollywood California?   (I know the answer, but I do not have any idea WHY)..c’mon…hazard a guess!  

I honestly had no idea…..until I saw posts by others.  Silly string, huh?  I didn’t realize it was that big a thing on Halloween.

What is something that really annoys you but doesn’t bother most people? 

People driving slowly in the fast lane.  Actually, I don’t know if it bothers most people or not, but I doubt it.  It seems like everyone does it now.  I refer to it as an epidemic.  It’s the FAST lane, dammit!  There are even these big signs, right off the side of the road.  Can’t miss ‘em, really.  They spell it out pretty clearly, I think.

Look, yes, it is perfectly fine to drive exactly  at the speed limit.  That’s well within you’re rights.  But do so in the right lane…aka, the SLOW lane.  If you’re going to be slower than most everybody else, get the f&@k over!!!  Sorry, but that gets on my last nerve.

Instead of our usual gratitude question, I’m posing this one for this week:

What or who in your life brings you the most joy?

These guys:


My songs of the day are:

”Family Business” by Fugees

”Life In The Fast Lane” by The Eagles

”Art-Hounds” by Morrissey

“The Book I Read” by Talking Heads

”It’s Cool To Love Your Family” by Feist

”I’ve Got The World On A String” by Tony Bennett

“Art House Audio” by Bliss n Eso

”The Book Of Love” by The Magnetic Fields

24 comments on “Share Your World: October 22, 2018”

  1. No worries about speed limits here, I’m always in the right lane, just never know when I have to swerve to the side to get a “which way” photo

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  2. I feel you on the driving slow in the fast lane. Makes me so angry. And then on top of that doing under the speed limit on any other road. If the limit is 45…do 45 at the very least or get off the f’n road. Sorry I am getting angry just thinking about it! 🙂

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  3. The book looks interesting. I’ll have to check it out. Have a great Sunday!

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  4. Oh, you’re not alone at ALL with that peeve about the slow drivers in the ‘fast’ lane. It’s even been made a joke of here in Utah because so many do it. Oddly, the ‘slow’ lane (right hand) has become the fast one, which is dangerous because people are entering and exiting off that one. Slow drivers upset me quite a lot too. I don’t understand why they just won’t ‘get over’ a lane or two? Are they embarrassed? Are they stupid (yep)? Is there some kind of rule among those people that says they CAN’T be courteous while driving? Arrrghh. Thank you for sharing your world this week…and for letting me know I’m not alone in my driving ‘peeves’. 🙂

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  5. This series need to be linked to follies. Hilarious! (especially if you can imagine them 1 after another on the highway, and the look on drivers faces trying to figure it out!) 😂

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    • I’m convinced even that wouldn’t solve the problem. Like I said, it’s an epidemic. 😃

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      • I guess they just think that two rights have got to be wrong. Sorry if I can’t find some humor I would be road raging every day. 😮 what I hate even more than the slow person in the lane, is when I’m behind said slow person just waiting for my chance to gun past them and another person comes up behind me and thinks I’m the slow driver. Then they get on my ass like dude get over and 1 of 3 things happen. 1) the person in front finally moves over, and I take off making sure the car behind me knows it wasn’t me, making them feel dumb. 2) I get over and let car behind me take my spot as I gesture politely at them as they pass and the proceed to take their spot. Or 3) as soon as I see that opening in the right lane I take it at just the right time knowing car behind me will be stuck behind slow driver or stuck between slow driver in both lanes. Those are all 3 of my fave choices. 😛

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      • Driving is nearly as irritating as flying nowadays. 😃

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      • Considering my documented return flight home 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t agree with you more. 🤬

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  6. I hate slow people in the fast lane, too. I also hate when I’m in the slower lane and someone clearly wants to go faster but crawls up my ass instead of passing. WTF?? I think that’s even worse!

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  7. Oh, I liked this post so very much. The books and the great snapshot of the kids. I truly agree with you about the fast lane. Drives me crazy!

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  8. Garry gets ballistic about slow drivers in general. On two-lane roads on which you cannot pass, it’s really hard to be behind one of those people who think 25 mph is perfectly okay, even though the speed limit is 45.

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  9. Haha yes I can agree on the fast and slow lane, just considerate really and what the sign says!

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