Share Your World: January 28, 2019

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Feb 03 2019

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Time for this week’s Share Your World from Sparks From A Combustible Mind.


Here are her questions for the week:

Are you thin or thick skinned?   Are you easily offended or tend to let it just roll off your back like a duck does with water?

I’m not easily offended, no.  But, when I truly am, by an absolutely asinine asshatish comment, I usually make my displeasure known.

How important are morals in a healthy society? What are the most important morals for citizens to have?  (Credit to Rory for this question)

Morals are extremely important in any society, at least ones where people can live with a reasonable sense of safety.  Without morals, society would dissolve into chaos…and quickly.  In my opinion, the most important moral for members of a society to possess is simple: treat others the way you’d like them to treat you.  It seems really basic.  A very easily attainable way of life. I can’t figure out why we can’t all just get along.

What will your epitaph be?

Hell if I know.  Hopefully it will be something positive, like he was a great dad and husband and friend.  Loved life and living it.  Took chances, fucked up royally…more than once…, felt elation and despair, amazement and frustration, love and loss. Yet, he ended up right where he belonged.

Or, it may just say, “Damn, what a long, strange trip it’d been!”

(I don’t admire either/or questions much, which is why you won’t see ‘em often.  Today is an exception)  French toast, pancakes or waffles?

I like them all.  Hot, real butter, maple syrup.  Confectioners sugar on the French toast, of course.  But, given the choice, I’d probably pick waffles.  I love the crunchy with the soft and buttery.  They’re a Sunday staple here.

What were you grateful for this past week?

We had some pretty intense weather last week, as a majority of the midwest, and now the northeast, can also attest to.  Tuesday and Wednesday saw actual air temps of -5F and wind chills of -20F.  It was brutal.  This old farmhouse was not built to withstand that type of extreme cold, and relentless wind gusts.  That said, I’m grateful for is that we didn’t suffer any catastrophic pipe bursts or power failure.  Our kitchen sink drain froze, which prevented use of the dishwasher as well, but no significant damage incurred.  All is well now, and it will be 60F today, so I’m also grateful that the evil “polar vortex” was only a brief blast, not a prolonged, 2 week barrage.


My songs of the day are:

”She’s So Cold” by The Rolling Stones

“Re-Pete Offender” by They Might Be Giants

”Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson

“Truckin’” by Grateful Dead

”Cold Cold Cold” by Cage The Elephant

“Moral Majority” by Dead Kennedys

”Fire On The Mountain” by Grateful Dead

”In The Cold, Cold Night” by The White Stripes

22 comments on “Share Your World: January 28, 2019”

  1. Excellent answers and I’d pick waffles too. You’re getting 60 degrees!!! I’m so happy for you. We are going to get in te 40s and I’m ecstatic about that.

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  2. Nice to read your answers. Great post

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  3. Hello my friend, I have been thinking about you on the Eastern side of us, I truly hope all is well and that the cold, wind, snow, all that crap missed you!! Spring is so close I can see makings of it out here in the desert. However today and tomorrow is rain, well needed rain but still rain. We had just started to paint this monstrosity of a house we bought and boom the rain started, who knew!!!m LOL Anyway you and yours are in the back of my little mind during these cold wet months!! sending you and yours peace and joy….shit that sounds like a hallmark card!! LOL xxkat

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  4. Thanks for Sharing Your World! And the great music selection…I’m off to listen to the ‘Dead. It’s been a while and their music is perfect (great selections you chose! )

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  5. Treat others the same way as you want to be treated is a good thought to live by. I think it’s working fairly good. I just wish more of us living with that in our minds. Then world peace would be possible 🙂

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  6. Great answers! love your take on morals…

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  7. Lol to that epitaph 😂😂 difficult question tho

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