A Photo A Week: Beauty

By: sonofabeach96

Apr 23 2019

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3300

This week’s A Photo A Week Challenge from Nancy Merrill Photography is for the topic:



Here’s my take on it:


My songs of the day are:

”Dangerous Beauty” by The Rolling Stones

“Beauty In The World” by Macy Gray

”Beauty Knows No Pain” by Frank Zappa

”Beauty And Sadness” by The Smithereens

“Natural Beauty” by Neil Young

”Beauty Is Only Skin Deep” by The Temptations

”The Beauty Of The Days Gone By” by Van Morrison

”Beauty And The Mess” by Nickel Creek


24 comments on “A Photo A Week: Beauty”

  1. They ARE beautiful.

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  2. Very beautiful! And such variety, too. 😃

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  3. so nice – but maybe you could make a them a little bigger – I clicked on the last one to see a bit more and it was still small – hm (or not..)

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    • Not sure why that is. I generally use my phone or iPad when doing this, so not sure how it works on a laptop. I know on the phone or iPad they can be enlarged. As far as the format, the theme I chose way back when I started this chooses my layout. 4 years in, it’s likely to stay the way it is. 😃

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  4. All the photos are gorgeous, the sunset with the bird on the post. I like that one.

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  5. The top two are…fabulous and dreamy.

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  6. I agree. Glad to see your copyrighting your work!👍🏻

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    • Yeah. I really didn’t want to do it. I feel a little self-important doing it, like my shots are so great that people would want to steal them or something. But, I don’t think just anyone should be able to claim them as their own. Still would rather not do it, but I suppose it’s prudent. 😕


  7. Should I provide a picture of me? Hahaha… this one is a joke.

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