Share Your World: April 29, 2019

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May 05 2019

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Time for this week’s Share Your World from Sparks From A Combustible Mind.


Here are her questions for the week:

If you could interview anyone from your life living or dead, but not a celebrity, who would it be and why?

My maternal great great great grandparents and/or my paternal great great grandparents. Those were the immigrants in my family, and I’d love to discuss what led them to leave their homes for parts unknown.  With little money, barely speaking English, leaving everything they’ve ever known.  It had to be terrifying.  I’d love to pick their brains about it all.

What balls it takes, to travel half way around the world, knowing not where they’ll end up, with all their possessions on their backs.  They should be commended for bravery and fortitude and persistance, not turned away at a border because they’re “not one of us”.

As a child, did you have a nickname?  Did you carry that with you throughout life or was it only in childhood that you used it?

Not really.  Though, I do have a female cousin named Toni.  As my name is Tony, it got to be a bit confusing at family gatherings, when someone would say, “Hey, Tony/Toni!”.  We’d both look.  So, she became “girl Toni” and I became “boy Tony”.  It persists to this day.

Give us three words that describe you:

Goofy, adventurous, kind-hearted.

Sneaking into a second movie at the theater (if you go to a movie house)?  Is that wrong or just harmless ‘fun’?

Haven’t done that it years, but I’d consider it harmless fun.  I sneak drinks and snacks in too.

If you had a time machine would you go back to the past or forward into the future?  Why?

The future.  Hopefully, to find we can teleport ourselves!  Beam me up to Ocracoke…now!

What were you thankful for during April?

A smooth path towards the end of the school year for the boys, the twins’ archery team qualifying for Nationals, and we’ve had a fabulous spring here this year, minus quite a bit of rain.  However, we generally get about 2 weeks of true spring-like conditions before the heat and humidity take effect.  I love summer, but having a good month of actual spring has been a great change of pace.


My songs of the day are:

”Sneaking Around” by B.B. King

“Grandpa’s Interview” by Neil Young

”The Future Has Arrived” by The All-American Rejects

”April Fools” by Aretha Franklin

”Sneaking Sally Through The Alley” by Ringo Starr

”Mud Shark Interview” by Frank Zappa

“In The Future” by David Byrne

”I’ll Remember April” by Boz Skaggs


18 comments on “Share Your World: April 29, 2019”

  1. Lovely answers

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  2. Love it. All of it. ❤

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  3. Thanks for Sharing Your World, Tony (pleasedtomeetcha and all. I like knowing blogger’s’s more friendly somehow). Fabulous tunes this week, as always! In my family “Holly” has become a family name and I have a cousin and a niece, both named Holly. There was some confusion and they started calling them “Big” Holly and “Little” Holly, but Big Holly really was big..she had quite a weight problem, so now it’s ‘Older” Holly and “Younger’ Holly. Funny how these things work out, isn’t it?

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  4. My grandmother drove a covered wagon from East to West to homestead. Overseas would be scary. I wish I had sneaked in candy at Endgame last week, it was Five dollars a box! I always hide water bottles. Teleportation would be the greatest!

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  5. And from your posts I already know you’re a sweet guy!

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  6. Now I’m curious, where did the great grands come from? And those many generations makes me think 1800’s or so. Happy to hear your enjoying spring!

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