Black & White Challenge: Under The Weather

By: sonofabeach96

May 06 2019

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I saw it mentioned that Cee had not been feeling well recently,  and thus no “official” prompt was shared this week for the Black & White Photo Challenge.  I’m in the habit of taking part in this one, so I’m gonna go with it.  Check the link out above for all of Cee’s terrific challenges.  And, since Cee’s been ill, I’m gonna go with a topic of:



Here’s my take on it:


My songs of the day are:

“Weather With You” by Crowded House

”Weather In My Head” by Donald Fagen

”There’s A Change In The Weather” by The Kinks

”Stormy Weather” by Billie Holliday

”Unfair Weather Friend” by Willie Nelson

”Under The Weather” by KT Tunstall

”Couldn’t Stand The Weather” by Stevie Ray Vaughan

”Earthquake Weather” by Beck


Hope you’re feeling better, Cee.


21 comments on “Black & White Challenge: Under The Weather”

  1. That second photo of the cloudy sky is inspiring

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  2. What a great idea!!! Weather is a fantastic subject for black and white photography. 👍😃

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  3. Right there! On the right side of the featured image; I could see a cat/cub with a letter ‘T’ as its nose. Wow! 👍

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  4. Clever way to roll with the prompt !!

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  5. I love the first one. It’s so science fiction.

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    • Thanks so much. Foggy days are so great. Ethereal almost. That one was from the road that runs along the dam of the lake near us. Couldn’t even see the lake on that day. 😃


  6. Melanie just wrote on my blog…she wants pictures of the octopus that your are going to convince your wife to paint on the wall. Hey, I’m just telling you that she’s getting a following. 🙂 LOLOL Fingers crossed and we’re waiting for the photographs. Hahahahaha. Tell her we said hi and I’m sure it will be gorgeous.

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  7. I might be slowly feeling better 😀

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  8. Brilliant! Love it! ❤

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