Color Your World: Almond

By: sonofabeach96

May 14 2019

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Yep, the Color Your World Challenge from Tourmalinenow.  This time around though, it’s not a daily challenge, only weekly.  The color for this week is:




Here’s my take on it:


21 comments on “Color Your World: Almond”

  1. Nice.

    I would put a photo of my favourite chocolate, Green & Black milk with almonds! (Combined with some good dark organic other chocolate, it is supreme.)

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  2. Ooo Maybe I can handle a weekly challenge.

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  3. Oh love that driftwood. Nice selection of almonds!

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  4. Beautiful pictures! I’m waiting for the pinks!

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  5. Great almond finds! I always love the look of beach wood. Thanks for joining in!

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  6. Love your choices for almond. I might have to join this one – I started late and didn’t finish the daily one (it’s a quirk 😀 ) but I might go for weekly.

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  7. I’d put a photo of my favourite almond slices! Yum!

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