Share Your World: June 21, 2019

By: sonofabeach96

Jun 30 2019

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Time for this week’s Share Your World from Sparks From A Combustible Mind.


Here are her questions for the week:

Are you more a thinker or a doer?    (credit to Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove for this one)

A little of both.  We have to be somewhat organized, or it’d be chaos around here.  That said, doing is common around here too.  Again, it has to be, or it’d be chaos.

Why is beauty associated with mortality?

In terms of it not lasting?  Because it’s fact.  Youth and beauty, both are fleeting.  In all things, it’s short-lived.  Much like the seasons, life and youth and beauty go through a spring, summer, fall, and winter.

If everyone spoke their mind (told the literal truth), would this world be a better place?

Hahaha!  Ummm, I’d say probably not, no.  Some level of politeness and manners are not bad things, I don’t think.  I can’t figure out why humans enjoy being so shitty to each other.

Can religious beliefs affect scientific thinking?

They shouldn’t, no.  Beliefs are something one trusts without tangible proof.  Science provides tangible evidence of proof.  They likely co-mingle, to a degree, due to human influence on both.  But, I find religion and science to be separate entities.

Attitude of Gratitude

If you’d like to, share some gratitude in photo, written form or song. 


My songs of the day are:

”Think” by Aretha Franklin

”Beauty In The World” by Macy Gray

”Tell Me The Truth” by Rodney Crowell

“Losing My Religion” by R.E.M.

“Science Of The Mind” by Lou Reed

”Deep Down Truth” by The The

”Natural Beauty” by Neil Young

”You Might Think” by The Cars


13 comments on “Share Your World: June 21, 2019”

  1. Excellent answers and I loved all your song choices. Awesome!!!

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  2. Thanks for Sharing Your World! Great song choices as usual! And I liked that photo very much. Where is it?

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    • Thanks so much. It’s a lake about 15 minutes away from home. It’s a pretty big lake, so people spread out. It can feel like you’re alone even on a summer day. 😊


  3. As usual very good answers.

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  4. Great answers, as always, maybe that’s because I agree with you!😉

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