Pull Up A Seat: 2019-Week 26

By: sonofabeach96

Jul 04 2019

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Time for this week’s Pull Up A Seat Photo Challenge from XingfuMama.


Here’s my take on it:


My songs of the day are:

“On The Beach” by Randy Newman

”Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys

”Love Beach” by Emerson, Lake, & Palmer

”Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” by John Lennon

”Be My Beach” by Funkadelic

“Lazy Boy” by Franz Ferdinand

“Oldest Surfer On The Beach” by Jimmy Buffett

“When I Was A Boy” by Electric Light Orchestra


19 comments on “Pull Up A Seat: 2019-Week 26”

  1. Great shots! I love the last one.

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  2. Love the last one too but the kids are sooooooo cute. ❤

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  3. Love the last one! 😊

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  4. Great seats for summer.

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  5. Wonderful choice of seats and songs. I have always been very fond of the John Lennon “Beautiful Boy”

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  6. […] Sonofabeach is the host for this challenge, please take a minute to visit him 🙂 […]

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  7. Lovely clicks! Especially the first n last..

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  8. Can never get enough of the water

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