A Photo A Week: Still Life

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 13 2019

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This week’s A Photo A Week Challenge from Nancy Merrill Photography is for the topic:



Here’s my take on it:


My songs of the day are:

”Still” by James Brown

”Life In The Fast Lane” by Eagles

“Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man

”Got To Get You Into My Life” by The Beatles

”It’s Still Rock ‘N Roll To Me” by Billy Joel

”Kiss Of Life” by Sade

”Still Hurts” by Macy Gray

”Life By The Drop” by Stevie Ray Vaughan


16 comments on “A Photo A Week: Still Life”

  1. °°🐬~~ OK, I am still afloat.

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  2. What a fantastic and unique take on it! 👍👍

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  3. Good photos–and on the theme, I am still alive! The beer-related ones remind me of a project to bring relaxed science lectures about climate change into the bars near Albany, NY, called http://www.CapSciNY.com and its ‘science on tap’. Best I can do for a song is that Billy Joel has a song called Stiletto–I hope you are well.

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  4. That shell is gorgeous

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  5. Excellent photos and there’s only one song/group I don’t know. Yay

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  6. You are such a good photographer!

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  7. Enjoyed the photos and what a great collection of songs, Billy Joel, The Eagles, Sade to name but three of the artists. All Favs for me!

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