Which Way Challenge: September 12, 2019

By: sonofabeach96

Sep 12 2019

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Focal Length:3.99mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 7

Time for this week’s Which Way Photo Challenge.

This is my final go ‘round as host.  It’s been a blast, and I’ve loved providing a forum for your amazing photos.  A special thanks to Cee, for trusting me to continue it on after she gave it up.  And, another special thanks to San at Alive and Trekking, for agreeing to take this Challenge on in my place.   This has been edited to actually link to correct new host.  I really am in need of a break, obviously.  Please, check out these two sites, for beautiful photography, fun photo challenges, and a pair of terrific people.  Also, thank you so very much to all of you fabulous photographers out there, who always took part and were gracious enough to share your views with us.  Y’all have been terrific, and I sure hope you will all continue on with your new host.  Keep up the great work.

As always, all are welcome to join in, and if you’d like to play along, here’s the badge (until San creates her own 😃):

This Which Way challenge is all about capturing the roads, walks, trails, rails, steps, signs, etc. we move from one place to another on.  You can walk on them, climb them, drive them, ride on them, as long as the specific way is visible.  Any angle of a bridge is acceptable as are any signs.

There won’t ever a topic to this challenge.  All you need have is the “way” visible and the main focus of your photo.  Here is a list of acceptable “ways”:

  • Roads:  gravel, asphalt, cobbled, dirt, freeway, expressway, highway, bridges
  • Indoor walkways:  hallways, aisles, people movers
  • Outdoor walks:  sidewalks, paths, trails
  • Stairs, elevators, escalators, or steps:  indoors, outdoors
  • Railway tracks, monorails, ski lifts
  • Runways and tarmacs
  • Ferry’s, canals and locks
  • Parking lots, private driveways
  • Tunnels
  • Signs of any kind:  directional, informational, store signs, wind 💨 vanes
  • Maps that are posted as sign


Here’s my take on it:


Thanks for showing me yours.


62 comments on “Which Way Challenge: September 12, 2019”

  1. […] is my first time submitting to this challenge at Sonofabeach96’s Which Way and it’s his last as host….I understand why but I hope you make it back someday. Take […]

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  2. All the very best…I know we are just meeting now but I’m sure everyone appreciates your dedication to this challenge….here’s my first entry https://cathscamera.wordpress.com/2019/09/12/which-way-challenge-to-the-beach/

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    • It’s been fun, just have a bunch on my plate. 3 teenage boys, and accompanying activities, plus a farm and work and honey-do lists. Whew, I needed a break from something, and the other aforementioned stuff isn’t changing any time soon. Thus, tag, the blog is it. I’ll still be around though. 😊

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  3. Thanks a bunch for hosting this challenge for all this time! I’m excited to be hosting this challenge from next week onwards on my site aliveandtrekking.com!

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  4. Are you going to stop blogging? NOOOOOOoooooooo I hope not. You did a great job with Witch Way (Halloween is coming, hahah). Hope all is well and if you go, please know that you will be missed…a lot.

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    • Hahaha! Love the play on words there! No, I’ll still be around, but a little less strenuously. I always said I’d keep doing this so long as it was fun and not like work. Posting daily and hosting a challenge was fun, but it was becoming harder and harder to keep up. Boys are active in so many things now, the farm is never ending, and a full-time job on top of it all? Something had to ease up. I’ll still be hanging around though. 😃


  5. Great job keeping it alive!

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  6. […] is the last Which Way Challenge from sonofabeach (many thanks for hosting til now) but the way goes on with San @ Wanderlust & […]

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  7. […] Friday Foto Fun Challenge with the topic Bridges. Here is my entry for SonOfABeach96’s  Which Way Photo Challenge this […]

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  8. You always come up with the best which ways.
    Here is my entry for this week. Enjoy!

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  9. I have loved this challenge – thanks for being a good host, especially with a farm to run and children to run around after. Glad to know there will still be ways to go

    here is my post

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  10. I like your photos for this week and glad you found someone to take over the challenge – of course right after I started joining in – lol – but hosting does have certain demands and well – “there is time to host and a time to let go…”

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  11. […] New – A Photo a Week / Which Way Photo / Kammie’s Oddball / Pull Up a Seat #35 /  Brash – FOWC / Trogolyte – RDP / […]

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  12. […] This is my first entry for the Which Way Challenge by sonofabeach96. Here’s the link to sonofthebeach96’s blog https://sonofabeach96.com/2019/09/12/which-way-challenge-september-12-2019/ […]

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  13. […] Sonofabeach is the host for this challenge, please take a minute to visit him 🙂 […]

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  14. Hey hey! Couldn’t resist participating this week, so here’s my photo: http://aliveandtrekking.com/2019/09/13/aproach/

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  15. A grand finale, Beach! I am glad you’ll still be here even though you’re not hosting the challenge. Totally get the constraints on your tine, though. And any time something fun becomes a burden, it’s time to make a change. Stay in touch my friend!

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  16. Thanks for running this challenge, and for passing it on to safe hands. I’ll try to submit something here later, and to be more regular in future.

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  17. thanks for hosting. all the best.
    here is my entry for your last round: https://lessywannagohome.blogspot.com/2019/09/man-cave.html

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  18. […] See more Which Way photos by clicking here. […]

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  19. Naturally Tesla comes to mind.

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  20. […] For Which Way Challenge: September 12, 2019 […]

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  21. Enjoyed the challenge all the way…wishing you the very best… Here’s my post – https://myheart2heart.blog/2019/09/18/i-am-lost/

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