Isolamento Italiano

By: sonofabeach96

Mar 19 2020

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Anyone who’s spent time in Florence knows how busy and bustley a city it is.  People, cars, micro trucks, mopeds, bikes.  It’s sensory overload at all times, even though the pace of life there is…in no hurry.  It’s stunning, and it’s ancient, full of art and culture, underground art, food and history, and life always seems in full bloom there.  

Look at it yesterday.  Our friend ventured out and sent us these pics.  It’s still stunning, and I can’t say that I wouldn’t love, love, love to walk the city with empty streets and a camera…under more normal circumstances, of course.  It’s almost as if someone hit the pause button on life.  


Stay safe, my friends. 



44 comments on “Isolamento Italiano”

  1. Great photos.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a good one.
    Be safe.

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  2. Back at you…take care!

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  3. it’s like a twilight zone episode.

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    • Sure is. Starting to look that way here too. I’m still working, so my commute this morning was eerily quiet. Ordinarily takes about 45-60 minutes for me to get into town. Today, it took 25 minutes.


  4. You too. At least you don’t have to worry about self isolating where you live!


  5. Unreal. I’ve been there but it didn’t look like that. Downtown Chicago looks like a science fiction movie. Everywhere, people are missing. It’s too weird. Beautiful photographs but scary too.

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  6. I didn’t know that. Wow. This is one scary time to be alive.

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  7. It is sad, almost eerie

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  8. Prayers for the wonderful people of Italy! Hope you are all safe. We are good, just a little on edge like everyone else 🙃

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  9. That’s so surreal. I saw some pictures of dolphins and swans in the canals of Venice yesterday.

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  10. It is beautiful. I hope to live there in my next life. I’ve seen a lot of current pictures from Italy. It’s sad yet beautiful.

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  11. I would love to walk with you – at a safe distance of course 😀 to take photos of one of my favourite cities

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  12. Wow, such a beautiful place, such awful circumstances. I hope you guys are ok. We’re on preventative lockdown here. H is still going to work with restrictions in place and I’m at home being anxious. Sorry I haven’t been around much. Thinking of you and J putting yourselves out there. Y’all are the heroes of this crisis! ❤️❤️

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