This Is Making America Great Again?!?

By: sonofabeach96

Jun 03 2020

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This is getting way outta hand.  Wake up people!  Fascism or freedom?  You get to choose in November.

25 comments on “This Is Making America Great Again?!?”

  1. Need leaders more like Rahul.

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  2. I’m with you on this. The evil narcissist needs to be sent packing. I’d personally like to see him taken off in handcuffs.

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  3. Down but not out, right SoB. Love the poster on the top of the post. Simple, direct, clean.

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  4. Hope enough ppl vote to dump him!

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  5. Wow! Waaay outa hand! So sad! ❤

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  6. I’m with you all the way.

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  7. Yup! F this Shit. Sums it up.

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  8. Call me a conspiracy theoriest and though some presidents are worse than others…it’s really all the same. Voting in November will only get Trump out of office, but it will not fix the long embedded problems in the USA. Obama was a great spokesperson, better than Trump and yes he tried to make changes. Keyword..try. He still got proposals rejected, changed etc before they left office which is most likely why things like Obamacare didn’t work because it was so numbed down by other officials and changed. Obama had higher hopes for it. I am not American, but if I was I would have voted for Obama to later be disappointed by certain actions he did, what he did not really change or over come and became as corrupt as the other leaders. He was just too damn good of a spokesperson to not be liked, and like that many of the things he wanted didn’t happen. The USA is so far gone you cannot change it from within the government. The only possible true change I see is a full on revolution by their own citizens. However, that is now even almost impossible to accomplish cause they now even arrest peaceful protestors. You may have some luck if you VERY quietly get the military on your side, which is one of the main first steps to any revolution. Military+A million very pissed off and frustrated Americans who for the most part are armed (FOR NOW…if they change that then well you are effed cause that could be a good sign of a dictatorship is soon to follow and I am not even a gun supporter.) then it could be done if we can accept it will be bloody. A peaceful revolution is out of the question. The GOvernment is not listening if they were they would not be locking up peaceful protesters right now as we speak.

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    • I’ll agree with some of what you say, but, with dipshit in the Oval Office for 4 more years, NOTHING WILL CHANGE, no dialogue, no effort, no good faith. Merely military-esque moves by police who’ve now been bolstered to inflict violence, even against those protesting peacefully. Look, I hate ALL politicians. They’re all full of shit and lie and cheat their way into kickbacks and re-election. Public servants? That’s laughable. But, as an American, this current situation is untenable and the idiot in chief and siren call to his moronic minions have completely inflamed this country, dividing us even more. Support him if you wish, but his actions since being elected are immoral, illegal, and he wants to hike a leg on the Constitution at every turn even though he professes to be a great patriot. Bullshit. I stand by my post, and it’s title. Herding peaceful protestors into a trap in order to snuff that voice out? That is making America great again. No, it’s not. Period.

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  9. Unless we rid our government of Trump and his sycophants we are in danger of losing our Democracy. Trump is mentally unstable and our gutless republican led Senate failed to remove him though they admitted he is guilty of the charges that lead to his impeachment.
    We must remove him and them in November at the polls or there could be a revolution here. To quote Thomas Jefferson “ a revolution every one hundred years is necessary to rid the government of corruption . I hope to never see that.
    I disagree with the comment that Obama was corrupt. That is BS.
    We are going to clean the swamp in November.

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  10. Thank you, sonofabeach. I’m with you!

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