What’s The Disconnect Here?

By: sonofabeach96

Jun 05 2020

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I urge everyone…especially any Trumpians lurking around here…to read this.  Read the FACTS, all about this charlatan you’ve so closely aligned yourself with.  Careful.  


26 comments on “What’s The Disconnect Here?”

  1. Oh my…. I usually try hard to put myself in the place of people I don’t agree with, not to judge too quickly. But to know that there are enough men and women willing to overlook (in the best cases) all of these horrible things he did and said, to put him in the president’s seat is beyond me.

    It always reminds me of a comedian’s line going a little like this: ”Think about the average American Joe Blow. Now, half of the US’ population is dummer than him!”

    I wonder how wonderful, brilliant and sensitive people like the many American friends I have South of the border (like you, dear Sonofa) manage to put up with these people…

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  2. I’m never going to vote Democrat, ever, because they are the party of death.

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  3. […] via What’s The Disconnect Here? — sonofabeach96 […]

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  4. Honestly I had forgotten sone of these things. A good reminder, thank you.

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  5. I just cannot take any more of his B.S. I have him paired up with some seriously evil dictators from the past. But as I am Canadian I should probably just shut up. The link is a good one and the post is a good recollection of the recent past and the idiocy.

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