I’m just an average guy, married, 3 beautiful boys, and we live in an old farmhouse in the country.  I love my little family, travel, photography, music of all kinds, the “outdoors”, and kayaking of all kinds.  I have a physical need to be near water, salt and fresh, and get grumpy if I’m not for extended periods of time.  This is my journal of sorts.  It’s not about anything in particular but L’ll likely discuss the same topics at times.  Hope ya read some, and enjoy it.   

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  1. […] Son of a beach nominated this blog which is a new one on me, My Daisy Daze has recently been made unemployed and blogs about life after being made unemployed https://mydaisydaze.com/about/ […]

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  2. Hey, Namasthe! Greetings from India.
    I hope you’re doing good. I’ve nominated you to the mystery blogger award. Do check the link, It sure is interesting. https://happycookiesweb.wordpress.com/2018/03/07/tag-mystery-blogger-award-nomination/
    Love and good wishes to you. 🙂

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  3. I like how you choose and crayon color and match photography with it. That is a fun idea. Also, you have a funny blog title. I like your work! Going to follow your blog 🙂 I write over on The Rocky Safari http://www.therockysafari.com Happy blogging – Cheers!

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  4. I just found your blog, sounds interesting! I too, have that need to be near water. In fact it is such a need that for a lot of the year we liveaboard our yacht in Greece, so I am surrounded by the wet stuff!

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  5. Hi, nice blog and great photos. Will check your photos more. cheers

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  6. […] sonofabeach reading his comments on other blogs I followed and his genuineness caught my attention.  Got to […]

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